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Hidden Gems Lost Landscapes

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Cotton cord, tī kōuka fibre, hemp twine, solar dyed yarn, bike inner tubes, soy sauce fish


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Weavers and Makers are based at the Gribblehirst Community Hub, and the materials used represent some of the people and groups who meet and gather there. There is a combination of natural and manmade materials, which reflect upon the impact of human activity on our natural surroundings.

Gribblehirst Weavers and Makers

The Weavers and Makers group grew out of a desire to share and learn traditional and contemporary crafting skills. We have gathered together (almost) every Wednesday since June 2022 and have found connection and friendship through our creative journey. We are lucky to have this hidden landscape directly at our doorstep, and hope that it will be protected to inspire many generations to come.

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