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Virtual Art Trail

What is it?

This art trail covers some of the most incredible hidden natural areas in the Albert Eden area. You will discover the oldest lava forest in the country, the remnants of the Cabbage Tree Lake, and the restored aquifer-fed wetland on Roy Clements Treeway.

These landscapes are now nationally rare, quite hidden, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Rather than physical installations on site, the Virtual Art Trail is accessible online. Each artwork can be experienced through your phone or device as you walk through the reserves.

At each artwork location, you will find a weatherproof QR code. Simply scan the code to access:

  • A short video of the artwork in the environment that inspired it.
  • A photograph of the artwork that you can explore or zoom in on.
  • Information about the artist and their artwork.
  • A longer video with commentary from the artist describing their inspiration and a little about their process.

All the art work is made in response to the rare and hidden landscapes of the Albert Eden area.

The artist's work/QR code is located at the location that inspired their contribution to the art trail.

The physical works created can be seen at the following locations:

  • 1st August - 30th August 2023 Mount Albert Library.
  • 1st September - 30th September 2023 Epsom Library.
To access the art trail use the following map as a guide. Travel to the park and watch the animated map for that portion of the trail. Then head off into the bush and find the QR codes to experience the trail.

Where is it?

Tap the park you want to explore on the map below to see more.

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Funded by

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Co-ordinator and Videographer

Carolyn Sylvester


  • Avigail Allen
  • Catherine King
  • Clare Battersby
  • Gribblehirst Knitters
  • Lucy Pierpoint
  • Meg Mahy
  • Nicola Fraser
  • Oliver Cain
  • Scarlett Kean
  • Weavers and Makers Group at Gribblehirst Hub

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