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Hanging Banana

White powder coated aluminum banana


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When asked what fruit is yellow, what would you say? A playful work that draws attention to the majority vs the minority. Showing to many, personal experiences as well as openly questioning social constructions of shame, anonymity, identity and sexuality, but in a way that can be viewed as whimsical and light hearted. Drawing on slightly different aspects of queer culture but ultimately interpreting a playful documentation of views; negative, problematic and confronting but also happy, fun and bold.

Oliver Cain

Oliver Cain, an English/New Zealand artist. His artworks push the boundaries between conceptualism and post-pop art and bear a certain physicality, varying from ceramic sculptures to in-stallations. The creative process behind Cain’s artworks is the most important thing and therefore his artworks can be made of anything and take any form. Appropriated everyday objects transform stereotypes and famous art historical references become twisted. Oliver Cain uses ceramics to make work which engages histories and fantasies. By exposing futures of queer resistance and dreams, he masterfully inserts the personal as the source material for his art. If art claims to serve as the comprehension and understanding of the inner self, the power of Cain’s work is focussed on identity, sexuality, gender, and the body. Looking to examine ideas that empower queer storytelling, the work seeks to centre representation and desire as the building blocks of our inclusive future.

image of artist