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Trinket Guardian



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Walking into the Gribblehirst Forest I am instantly inspired by the mystical. We are transported to a magical world, where tree trunks became limbs and the rock faces provide a dramatic hostility. This environment has made a home for the guardians and lords of the forest. There is a story to tell here. Clay provides story telling medium in a 3 dimensional form that serves a purpose. Here is art with a practical twist. 3 trinket boxes are mini lava rocks, and the guardian, Titoki, sits on one of these rocks but his trunk is a vase for his leaves and is resting on a container for the forest jewels of skeletal leaves and seeds.

Meg Mahy

A graduate of both Whitecliffe and Unitec, with a Certificate in Creative Practice, and a Bachelor of Creative technology, Meg is now doing post graduate study in glaze technology through Otago University. She works as a ceramics assistant to Lil Ceramics, and as a gardener in west and north Auckland.

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