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Forest Floor



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Forest Floor is an art installation that blends the realms of knitting and botany. Crafted by the Gribblehirst Knitters, it features a display of knitted leaves cascading across moss covered rocks and the forest floor beneath the canopy in the Gribblehirst Park lava forest, which provides the background view of our weekly meetings. Each leaf, demonstrates the flexibility and potential of knitting to capture detail and diverse colour palettes. It creates a vibrant tapestry that mimics the patterns and hues found in a hidden part of our neighbourhood. As visitors meander through the forest, they are invited to immerse themselves in the delicate interplay of texture, colour, and the tactile sensation of the soft knitted leaves. "Forest Floor" celebrates the creativity of our craft and its power of interpretation and surprise. And also pays homage to the ever-inspiring beauty of the hidden world.

Gribblehirst Knitters

A diverse group of passionate and creative knitters and crocheters, who have met weekly for 7 years.

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