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Grammar Girl

Black and white film on ply


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Every piece of Aotearoa is politically charged but the art trail lies on a landscape with a peculiar political economy. Epsom is famously the most conservative electorate and is made up of a collection of some of New Zealand’s wealthiest suburbs. The natural environment, at the centre of the art trail, is surrounded by encroaching development, competing land grabs, and an increasingly inflamed debate on the "housing crisis". In the middle of all of this is a spattering of private and high decile schools. The land itself is political and so too are its younger inhabitants. School is a place of essential learning but also a place of prestige, status, competition, gossip, scandal and intrigue. Teenage rebellion has the potential for crucial identity formation but could also land you in the papers if you’re not careful. The environment is coloured with adolescent intensity, but also becomes a playground for riotous exaltation.

Avigail Allen

My name is Avigail and I work as an artist and filmmaker in the mighty Tamaki Makaurau. Since moving to New Zealand in 1997, my family has always lived in Mt Eden. How fortunate to have landed in a double Grammar zone!I graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2017 with a BFAHons (first class)/BA conjoint in Political Studies. I have shown my work across Auckland and in Knulp gallery in Sydney. Since moving to Auckland in 1997 from Israel/Palestine, I grew up at the foot of Maungawhau and have always been mystified by its grandeur and its history. I loved to watch the different characters ascend the maunga and take in it’s views, all while treading and stumbling upon 600 year old kumara pits. The ironic push and pull of Aucklanders, their visitors and the mountain were a sight to behold.

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